Thank you to AEI's community of donors for its generous support of AEI's scholarship and outreach activities over the past year. These investments have served to promote free-market economies, increase economic and social mobility among Americans, counter attacks on liberalism, bolster American civic life, promote America's strong role in the world, and develop leaders who share our values and can act as force multipliers for our work. We are enormously grateful for this support that enables AEI to execute its vital mission.

AEI is supported by donations from individuals, foundations, and corporations. AEI does not accept any funding from US or foreign governments, including state-owned or state-operated subsidiary entities, and does not perform contract research.

AEI Donor Leadership Program and Legacy Society

AEI's Donor Leadership Program offers top individual, foundation, and corporate donors opportunities for significant involvement in the Institute—including regional gatherings, signature invitation-only events, and meetings with AEI scholars and special guests.

Additionally, AEI's Legacy Society offers the opportunity to make a planned or estate gift to the Institute to ensure we have the resources necessary to carry out our mission well into the future.

To learn more about joining AEI's community of supporters or make a contribution, please visit

Enterprise Club

AEI's Enterprise Club is an international community of young leaders in business, entrepreneurship, finance, law, and public policy who are interested in serious discussion on today's significant challenges. This group of young professionals is selected based on depth of intellectual interest in policy, record of achievement, and potential for future impact. We currently count nearly 350 Enterprise Club members (in more than 25 cities) and 14 formal chapters in the United States and London.

“There's no better way to ensure the perpetuity of good works and values of AEI which we all hold dear than to honor them as part of your legacy. Jacquie and I feel it's important to decide sooner rather than later not just who but which missions we want to share our estate. AEI thrives on these Legacy commitments, and we are very pleased to join this special club.”

—Harry McMahon, Legacy Society member

Virtual Conversation Series

AEI quickly pivoted to offering our donors a robust slate of virtual, off-the-record conference calls with AEI scholars and policymakers. Between March and December 2020, we hosted 65 conference calls and 10 webinars on topics such as America's economic recovery, public health, and school reopenings and remote learning featuring many AEI scholars and public policy leaders.

We also hosted our first-ever Enterprise Club Virtual Town Hall featuring four Enterprise Club members to participate in a conversation about how COVID-19 has affected the way they do business.

Fiscal Year 2020 Financial Results

AEI's unaudited financial performance for the 2020 fiscal year ending June 30 is provided in accordance with GAAP accounting conventions.

AEI is entirely privately funded. It accepts no funds from the US or any foreign government and does no contract research.

The Institute raised $23.0 million in contributions from individuals, $14.2 million from foundations, and $4.5 million from corporations. The sum of these fundraising activities, along with conference revenue and publication royalties of $1.8 million, brought the Institute's annual operating revenues to $43.5 million.

Consistent with all previous AEI annual reports, investment activity, a loss of $4.9 million in fiscal year 2020, is excluded from the revenues.

Expenses for the year totaled $47.8 million, with 76 percent having gone to programs, 17 percent to operations, and 7 percent to fundraising. Roughly $5.8 million in building depreciation expenses is excluded.

Every year, AEI draws from its endowment to help fund its programs and uses its operating reserves to cover expenses on an as-needed basis.

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