Resources That Support AEI’s Work

AEI is grateful to its investors for making our research and outreach initiatives to advance free enterprise, individual liberty, and American leadership around the world possible.

AEI’s unaudited financial performance for the 2018 fiscal year ended June 30 is provided in accordance with GAAP accounting conventions.

AEI is entirely privately funded. It accepts no funds from any US or foreign government and does no contract research.

The Institute raised $30.8 million in contributions from individuals, $14.3 million from foundations, $5.4 million from corporations, and $5.3 million  in capital campaign gifts. The sum of these fundraising activities, along with conference revenue and publication royalties of $3.3million, brought the Institute’s annual operating revenues to $59.1 million.

Consistent with all previous AEI annual reports, investment activity, in fiscal year 2018 a gain of $8.3 million, is excluded from the revenues. Expenses for the year totaled $53.1 million, with 77 percent for programs, 9 percent for management and administration, 8 percent for fundraising, and 6 percent for building operations.

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